Hatchet + Bear products are made in England by Ethan-James Osborne

After studying Arboriculture with the Royal Forestry Society and Product & Furniture Design at University, EJ's work began to focus on heritage crafts and British woodland culture.

Known for working with storm damaged trees, foraged wood and broken and discarded materials, EJ uses simple tools and traditional methods - to make products and furniture that withstand the test of time, while becoming more beautiful with age and use.

EJ is a presenter on BBC One's craft and up-cyling program Money For Nothing, author of the Hatchet+Bear Spoon Carving book and the creator and host of Weekend In The Woods - woodland woodworking courses. He sometimes gives talks to audiences big and small about craft and making and why it's good for you.

When he's not doing any of those things, he's wandering through the woods with his dog.

All enquiries: info@hatchetandbear.co.uk