Hatchet + Bear


A magical stirring wand for making super porridge!

Hand crafted using a selection of English walnut, beech, Elm and Maple from nearby, managed woodland.

Use this spurtle to wizz around oats and oatmeal in the saucepan... to porridge perfection!

Alternative uses to stirring:
For casting spells, for deftly prancing about the kitchen like a fencing champion, for knighting a loved-one who has cooked something delicious, for tapping on the window to say hello to a crow, for conducting the imaginary orchestra, for holding a page in the recipe book, for propping up the spectacles when you have floury hands, for pointing at household naughtiness from afar, for stirring mixtures of culinary wonderment.

227 x 2 cm approx

Finished with cold pressed coconut oil.

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Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery

20 GBP