Hatchet + Bear
Furrow Further Board

Furrow Further Board

A large, thick chopping and cutting board.

This large board is very thick and heavy and has been made using one complete section of a storm-felled Ash tree.
The right side is the outer edge of the tree - the bark side and has been gouged using a crook knife, to leave a rippled and faceted, highly tactile yet buttery smooth surface, you will want to run your fingers over time and time again.

This is a beautiful workhorse of a board and it will handle a lifetime's worth of chopping and serving... it can be passed on for many generations and will become more beautiful with age and use.

Finished using a mixture of flaxseed oil and beeswax.

Love your board...
Arrives with a tin of Hatchet + Bear Balm - so that you can keep it in tip top condition.

21.5 x 12 x 2.1 "

There is only one.
It is ready to go...
Next Day Special Delivery to anywhere in the UK or tracked shipping to anywhere in the world.

195 GBP