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Here you will find a collection of handcrafted utensils and objects for everyday use.


Hatchet + Bear products are made in England by Ethan-James Osborne

After studying Arboriculture with the Royal Forestry Society and Product Design at University, EJ's work began to focus on heritage crafts and British woodland culture.

Known for using the unusual and difficult sections of storm damaged trees, EJ uses simple tools and traditional methods with a selection of locally foraged wood and other raw materials, to make products that withstand the test of time, while becoming more beautiful with age and use.

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Summer / Autumn 2017

Channel 4
Craft It Yourself - Series 1
EJ Features in one episode helping presenter Clemency Green to forage for wood and whittle a knife handle.

Money For Nothing - Celebrity Series
EJ features in 3 episodes designing, making and transforming discarded items from celebrities homes.
Series starts airing: September 2017

Money For Nothing - Series 4
EJ joins Sarah Moore and Jay Blades as co-presenter.
Airing Dates: TBC.

Makers Broadcast - Series 1
An audio series about the lives of Makers - by Hatchet+Bear
Executive Producer:
 Makers Broadcast will be returning from it's mid-season break soon...
To listen to current episodes and for more info TUNE IN HERE

'Hatchet+Bear Spoon Carving' book
 is published by Quadrille and stocked worldwide through all good book stores.



EJ Osborne / Hatchet+Bear has been featured and appeared in various newspapers, magazines, books and online articles over the past 4 years including:

The Independent
The Times
Homes & Gardens
Gestalten News
The Outsiders
Marie Claire
Country Living


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